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Last updated: 2-25-01 4:40 p.m. (eastern time): Oh my... It's been MONTHS!! I can't believe I haven't updated in this long. Unfortunately, I'd have a lot more updated today if AOL had messed up on me again.. I had a few links, the first review from my reviewer, and FAN-ART and I lost all of it! ::kicks AOL:: So if those people are still hanging around here somewhere PLEASE send it back to me... I promise I won't lose it this time!!! Amazingly, people are still coming here regularly (Thank You!). I really wish I could update more often, but school's still killing me. My spring break starts on Good Friday, so if I don't update sometime after that (or before.. I shouldn't wait until March), send me some harassing e-mails (that'll probably be lost somewhere...). In other news, my message board will be no more after March 5th, because InsideTheWeb is shutting down. If you want to stop by and say by to it, feel free! (-; In real news though, I did update Animorph of the Week.. I had over 70 votes! Thanks everyone!

~Jahar9 (click to see if I'm online, it only works if you're on AOL though)

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Animorph of the Week

For Animorph of the week you can vote for anyone in the Animorphs book series (one exception: no one obscure like the third Hork-Bajir to slash Jake or someone else no one will remember). You can pick yeerks, the Animorphs themselves, etc. Whoever wins, gets their pictures on the results page. The results are posted every Friday (in the summer or during long vacations) or Saturday (during the school year).

To cast your vote, go to the voting booth. You can even add a person on the voting booth, but it will only be put up if I approve it. However, I doubt I'll have a problem. To keep things simple, please don't add a name more than once. You can vote once per day.

You are the person, Andalite, Yeerk, Ellimist, Helmacron (no, don't shrink my site! Or me for that matter), ect. to come here since May 23rd, 2000! (-; Hey, when you come here, e-mail me. I love e-mail!

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