Where is it going?

I have some very strong opinions about where the Animorphs series is, and where it is going. They are on this page, if you do not oppose the ideas of the TV show and the merchandise, but oppose people opposing it, or donít want to read my opinon, go ahead and leave now. Or, if you'd like to read some other people's opinions that they've sent me, you can do so by clicking here.

Ever walk down the aisle in a store and wonder "Gee, what ever happened to Goosebumps?" or "Hey, whereíd all the Babysitters club stuff go?" I know Iíve done that. I read both of those series while they were "in". Until the ongoingness of the Babysitters club (this is the series that doesnít end, yes it goes on and on my friend...), and the sheer childishness of Goosebumps after awhile. Sure some of them were good, but after the TV shows and the movies, merchandise, etc. It came to be just a little too much.

Now, imagine someday in the future, walking down the aisle and wondering "Hmm, I wonder what happend to that series, oh, what was itís name, oh yea, Animorphs, yea, that was a good series," I know youíre thinking "That wonít ever happen to us!" Just a second though, hear me out, and you, too might see that this may be in the all too near future.

First and foremost for now is the very hyped, but low-budjeted Animorphs Tv show. Iím sure Scholastic knew about this before they butchered their series. They at least could have waited until they had sufficient funds to have a show with a descent cast and crew. I know everyone in the Animorphs world (unless youíve been asleep for as long as Rip van Winkle) has heard all the complaining by Anifans, and praise by some, though not many that Iíve seen. I donít feel in favor of the show, but thatís for another opinion section.

Also in the future, as Iíve heard, or seen rather, on other sites, Animorphs video games are coming our way too. What do they think Animorphs is, another Power Rangers??? Yea right. Maybe itís all the same to them. Well, Iíve got news for them if they think that way. Animorphs is a wonderful series, not just another Goosebumps or sissy hanky-panky series. But since I'm partial to all things electronic, I'll give it a chance. Guess I'll see in November? I've got my fingers crossed that they didn't make a bunch of little budget cuts on that too. Little snip here and there, no one will notice that Tobias morphs a Pigeon instead of a Red-Tail, and it's Marco this time that's allergic to alligators (not crocodiles, mind you, they're too expensive to use) because it fits better. As for the Transformers, they seemed to have turned out not as bad as I thought, at first. I was graced with the priviledge of seeing the commercial for them though. Oh yippee. I hope I never see that again. Recently, I saw the transformers in stores. Then, I heard that the line had been indefinately discontinued. Doesn't surprise me at all! I've heard, over the internet, that they fall apart easily, too (the head on the Rachel comes off, how interesting).

I also know that an Animorphs movie is headed our way too. I certainly hope Scholastic has enough sense to hire better people than the current TV show people. Of course, I don't think they have a choice. You basically have to keep the same actors and actresses for the movie. A shame, huh? I am not looking forward to wasting my money (I know Iíll go) on something as low-budjet and cheap as the TV show. I mean, fuzzy Andalites that look like a cross between a Teletubbie and a sheep? Paper miche and stirofoam Hork-bajir? Who knows what they'll do to the more complicated aliens. Just look at the Ellimist. An old guy filmed with a camera with a blue-tinted lense. I think not. At least I hope not! Just imagine the Taxxons. A large sausage with toothpicks sticking out of it. Yeah. I'm sure that would work just fine for them. They could eat it after they were done. A definate plus and a budget shortcut. Shawn can stop nibbling on the old Elfangor puppet! (-;

One other thing, I believe that Animorphs shouldnít be an ongoing. It needs an end, if it goes on and on, many people, most likely the ones that started at the beginning, will abandon the series. I know at one point I was ready to give up the series. It was after the David trilogy, but my friends convinced me to hang in there. But once again I'm loosing interest, with the ghost-writers, and it seems that all the recent books have been so dire and serious. The Animorphs need a break! Please? We need a break too. I know I could use a nice light-hearted adventure soon. Also, the way the books are narrated from the future, you'd think there would be some kind of end, or closure of some sort.

Recently I've also noticed that the books are getting a lot thinner. I mean really thin, and it's not like the font's any smaller, either. I can finish book 1 in about an hour, but now I get through the books in less than half an hour sometimes. Plus they're getting more and more expensive. Is something backwards here? Oh, and then there's the cover models... does time not pass? Changing them just because they're older isn't right. And now the Tobias model looks like he's about 12! Plus he looks nothing at all like the other Tobias model. Are these kids getting plastic surgery at 14 or 15? Is that even legal? (-;

Do you agree, disagree? Want to flame me because I am a jerk for not liking Christopher Ralph and crew? (-; E-mail me and tell me your opinions, Iíd really like to know. Plus, I'll post them just below this. I've gotten a few, but because of AOL, I've already lost one... I've finally got an opposing opinion, but I know there are more people out there that disagree with me. Go ahead and tell me. I don't usually bite, and evil isn't that contagious.. (-;

The Opinions of Others

"Y'know your "Where Is Animorphs Headed?" thing on your site? I agree. I absolutely agree. I mean, Hork-Bajir are FAST. As in, not stay-in-one-place Animatronic. And in their pathetic attempt to duplicate the great, the amazing, the inimitable book #8, for one thing there was not supposed to be a tail-fight scene, and did you see it?!?! Andalites did not get to be the dominant species in this arm of the galaxy by being that incredibly SLOW!!! And why, Why, WHY is there that stupid disk?!?! What did they call it? A Nevinyrral disk? Isn't that a Magic card? And when they meet Ax -- WHY isn't he underwater? WHY is he fuzzy? WHY is his tail blade sharpened on the other side? WHY can Visser Three double-morph instantaneously? And the scenes at The Gardens -- WHY aren't the animals in cool habitats? WHY are they in STUPID chain-link cages?"

-Tianna Celesta, Ailuro, aka RenegadeLegacy

"I think that they really should fire Shawn Ashmore on the tv show. I mean all the actors are horrible but he's the worst. I think if they gave the show more money, professional actors, better computers and cameras, and maybe an hour. Andalites are not fuzzy!"

-Vanessa (cassie173)

"Where's Animorphs going?
First of all, I have to say, I do NOT need a break from Animorphs. That would be bad. I do agree with you that Animorphs must have an end but I don't think it should be too soon. I think it sounds like your dissin' the crew too... that right? I mean they're some good actors/actresses. The furry Andalites? I can't help them... they are ugly. As for the modified stuff, I think some of it was very origional and pretty good for what they have to do in the short of time. I do T.V. stuff and I know it's hard to pull off a half an hour show with a few acting flaws, an hour is a big acomplishment. Keep up the good work.(nice site)"


"My opinion on the Where's Animorphs Headed thing, is:
I think that there should be an end but it should start up a new Animorph series. Like, say the Yeerks invaded a new world. I definately agree it should end.
As for the game, on #45 they gave you a demo disk thing of the computer game free with the book, and it's pretty good. The graphics stink, but the basic idea's cool. The Hork-Bajir are so fake-looking, but they're probably still perfecting it.
I checked out book lengths, and there is exactly 20 pages difference between 5 and 40."


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