My Awards!

I have fourteen awards so far (feel free to send me an award! Lol). Click on the awards to view the sites they came from. I finally finished my award. YEA! Aren't you happy?! If you'd like to apply for my award, go here.

This was my very first site award! Thank's Jazzimil!

My Second award. They love me, they really love me! J/k. Thanks Log-a-log!

My third award. It's from Bob. Thanks Bob!

This AniSite Award is from
Totally Animorphs.

My award from Warrior Princess Monica, thanks!

The Animorphans Award

My Seventh award. I feel so special! Thanks guys!

My 8th award. They just keep on rolling in. Yeah, I rule! (-; I'm getting a complex, aren't I? But anyway, Thanks!

Award number 9! Yeah! Thanks AniFerret!

My 10th award! Yae! Double-digits! Thanks a ton Andalite73!

Alright! Up to 11 Awards! Thanks! (-:


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