Do you really want to go? Are ya sure? Awwww, don't leave me! Well... OK... I'll let you go. As long as you came here, I guess. And since you're leaving me, it might as well be to check out some of these nice sites that have been so kind as to send me their addresses... (hint, hint). (-;

The @ Files

The Andalite War-Council


Animorphs Invasion

Ah! Not Another Animorphs Fansite?!

The All-Knowing Purple Andalite

Andalite73's Animorphs Universe

Andalite Hunters



The Blade Ship

Christopher Ralph/Tobias Fan Page

Galared Homeworld

Hyperlink Animorphs Index

Jazzimil's Animorphs Homepage

K.K's Animorphs

KittyK-Mae's Animorph Fan Page

Monster's Animorphs Site

The Official Scholastic Page

Pokemorpher's Animorphs and Pokemon Page

Raptoria's Animorphs!

Realidy's Animorphs

Shirty's Animorphs


That's all I have for now, I need you to e-mail me your link if you have one, or if I have you link and messed it up somehow. It's amazing how many of the sites I was linked to have disappeared now. Wow. I need more links. Please?

If you want to link to my page, copy this code and e-mail me your site so I can link to yours:

<center><a href=""><IMG SRC="" alt="Jahar9's Animorphs.....enter at your own risk..." border=0></a></center>

It should look like this:

Jahar9's Animorphs.....enter at your own risk...

If you don't use banners, or decided you don't use banners just for mine (-; you can use this code. Also, the .jpgs off my server seem to be a bit... tempermental. They sometimes might not show up, so link without the banner or use in place of the other...: <a href="">Jahar9's Animorphs</a>