Win My Award

Yes, I finally have an award to give away! If you would like to apply for my award, please e-mail me with your site name and URL. If you want you can also include why you think you should win my award. If you have an award to give away on your site, I'd most gladly swap, too. (-; I give out my award monthly to everyone who has qualified. It's not hard to win my award. Your site must be an Animorphs or EverWorld site (of course), safe (no pointy objects laying around, unprotected outlets, etc ;-), and fun. What more is there to ask? Later on, I'll have awards for good layout, news, and most entertaining (e-mail me if you're interested in applying for one of these awards. I haven't been getting enough applications anyway. If I did do this, they'd be given away to one site per category yearly or monthly.) I haven't had anyone apply in the last 4 months (my apologies to anyone who may have sent me an application a month or two ago, AOL has been giving me so much trouble with losing e-mails, so I'm taking the applications by Yahoo! Mail now).. so even if you're just starting your site, or whatever, go ahead and e-mail me an application. To those who have won, or plan to apply for the award- PLEASE DON'T LINK DIRECTLY TO THE IMAGE! Not only is it bad for my bandwidth, the pictures don't show up sometimes when linked directly.

Past Winners This Year:


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