Past Updates


Previous Updates: 12-5-00 2:46 p.m. (eastern time): Yikes. ::looks as innocent as possible:: It wasn't me! I'm really sorry for not updating for so long, and I'm sorry to say I probably won't be updating often at all any more. At least until Christmas break. I had no idea my Sophomore year was going to be so terribly busy (Academic Challenge, Drama club.. which I actually got a part for this year!, Pep Band, working out for track, yada yada YADA, ect, ect, ect, plus all my homework). However, on the bright side I've got one reviewer working for me now! (-: So, hopefully later today I'll be able to get up her first review. Someone also sent me some quotes which I already put up on the quotes page. Now I think I'll go re-memorize all my directories and relearn HTML. (-:

11-10-00 5:46 p.m. (eastern time): Sheesh! Mucho soories (yes, that's on purpose..) to yas! I can't even talk anymore, and I'm really in the mood to be complaining, so I'll make this as short as possible. I got 5 new fanart pictures thanks to Helen! They got put up yesterday but thanks to a rather evil computer I couldn't finish updating. Also thanks to my evil computer.. I can't get Animorph of the Week up yet because I can't access the voting site for some odd reason... Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but school has been so busy, plus this week was the last week of the 9 weeks (one of the few evil things having to do with the number 9...) Don't even get my started on this week. CHEMISTRY IS EVIL!!!!!!!!! (-: And now that I've gotten that out... I probably won't get Animorph of the Week up until Sunday or if I'm lucky, early tomorrow. The high school football team's in the playoffs again, so as the new faithful glockenspeil player, I must be there to support my team. (-: Oh... and also.. I plan on stealing KittenGirl's 2 fanfics to start my section. ::waves to her and wonders if she still checks this..:: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ::falls over::
10-14-00 9:24 p.m. (eastern time): Second update today. (-: It turns out (after a trip to the University.. back home, to the U again, and then back again..) I had more time today than I thought. So, here we are again ::starts to sing... then stops:: A-hem.. anyway. As I was saying, I ::another fanfare:: got up all of Ax's books! Of course, that doesn't mean that they've got reviews or anything (think about it! It took me two years to get this far! ;-).. Tomorrow I'll do something like give them starred reviews. Maybe I'll even make it a full-scale updating spree and do the quizzes too. And, you may have noticed that I put up the links to the new sections even though they're not done. You can go ahead and browse through them at only the risk of a few broken links and such. (-: I also put up the link to the fan art section, which I never realized wasn't linked anywhere on the main page (stupid me!), so now people can get there too and probably stop wondering why I keep asking for stuff when I don't even appear to have a section for it. Oh, and BTW, YSU won in the last minutes, in case anyone was wondering. (-:

12:04 p.m. ::runs in, panting:: Remind me next time I tell you I'm going to do something to remind you to never believe me. Or did I remember to do that this time? I've made my best efforts at getting everything together. Give me a couple months and everything might be working. I had no idea how busy I'd be this year (barely surviving a Chemistry test and living through halftime by a thread might be an interesting adrenaline rush.. but it's not very fun. Not to mention very, very stressful). But anyway, enough of my complaining. I had to break things down, so I only did the stuff for the winner of Animorph of the Week this week. So, everything for the new Animorph of the Week layout is done for our winner (except the books, which I might try to do tomorrow if time permits). Phew.. ::sighs:: And now I must be off to work as a concessioner at a sold-out football game (Go YSU!). I'm glad it's not as cold as it was last time.. maybe I won't have people swearing at me about hot chocolate this time. ::falls over:: Oh! And I almost had EVERYTHING done yesterday.. but my computer crashed. How's that for evil? Pffft! But one more thing.. I did add some new quotes, too. (-:

10-9-00 3:17 p.m. (eastern time): BWAHAHAHAHA!! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! (-; Just telling everyone I'm starting on getting the next sections open.. Just one problem: It's a darn aweful lot of work for one person to do with Algebra 2, History, and Chemistry stuff to get done too. Plus my parents have me on time limits now!! So, I'll try my best to get the new stuff open. Most likely I'll get the galleries done today, because that'll just be an Animorph of the Week-ish type thing without the voting. I figure people shouldn't have to wait for the votes to see the pictures, and I hate to have all these pictures on my account with only an infrequent use for them. (-; And the new Animorph of the Week setup ought to be ready for next week's tally. (3 votes already! And it's only Monday. That makes me happy. ;-) As for everything else (new profiles, books section).. well, that's a great big hmmm right about now. Maybe even a negative "V". And as a parting note I'd like to make sure everyone knows that school is immensely e-vil (more than 10 hours a day 3 days a week!).
10-4-00 4:29 p.m. (eastern time): ::waves her arms around:: I have a relevant excuse this time, really I do!!! (-; See, all last week and most of this, Tripod was pretty much down. I couldn't log in! So, today was the first day I could. Animorph of the Week is now up for the first time in three weeks.. I'm still working on the new layout for AOTW and such. Luckily (or not) the 9th is a Monday. So, in all likelyhood, if I'm gonna get this done, it'll be Sunday and not the 9th. ::shrugs:: Ooo well.
9-24-00 8:33 p.m. (eastern time): Tsk Tsk. The one weekend I actually had TIME to update I only get 3 votes in Animorph of the Week. I guess we'll have to wait until next week, eh? :-) Pardon the correctly-facing smilies this week. I'm on a bet.. I'm gonna win too. ::sticks her tongue out at Believer:: On the plus side, I am getting more hits a day. :-) Now if only these people would VOTE. Thank you, have a nice day. And one more thing.. 3 more days until the BNL concert!
9-17-00 7:49 p.m. (eastern time): Well then.... I've only got 2 votes in for this week. I figure I'll just put Animorph of the Week up next weekend. I'm just updating to let everyone know that, and that I AM working on the new sections for October 9th. (-:
9-11-00 5:20 p.m. (eastern time): Just another Animorph of the Week update. Nothing really new. Besides a new winner, for once. (-: Of course, that makes more work for me.. on a school night nonetheless. Not that I'm complaining. And, now for my wonderful excuse for not getting this up over the weekend like I should have.. not only did I have HOMEWORK, I spent the weekend ::gasp:: on vacation ::gasp again:: OUTSIDE! Can you believe it? (-; Actually, it wasn't really vacation, it was two trips in a row, which is a lot more than usual. Which is what confused me so that I didn't get my homework done anyway. Makes you think I should be doing it now instead of rambling here, huh? (-; Either that, or I should get to work around here, huh? ::imitating one of the Barenaked Ladies:: FOR CRIPES SAKE! ... WELL!!!! ::stops that because she's scaring even herself:: And on a very terribly off-topic note, just to end things WELL.... MAROON COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!
9-6-00 4:07 p.m. (eastern time): Me again, writing here for no apparent reason. Except maybe to get out of homework. SCHOOL IS EVIL!!! First day and already I've got assignments. Evil, true evil. But, other than that, so you don't think I'm just writing here for no reason, like I think I am - I am very thankful that I now have a 50 MB limit instead of my old 10 MB limit. You see, I actually ADDED something to the site. Something most people won't notice until Jake wins Animorph of the Week and suddenly there's 15 other pictures there that weren't last time, though. (-: Maybe I'll even finish the rest later. I also fixed the gish-durned link to the past updates that just would NOT stay in the right place because of my evil HTML ineptitude. Is that a word? Hmmm, long update for nothing, huh? (-;
9-4-00 10:36 p.m. (eastern time): Just a real quick update.... I added a new link, and another opinion. See what happens when I actually get an e-mail? Scary, huh?
9-3-00 1:02 p.m. (eastern time): Animorph of the Week is up for this week. (-: I'm still not completely done with the new sections, but I'm making some progress. I decided that I'm not going to write the reviews myself. I tried.. and decided that I'm not a very good critic (unless I'm being critical of Ani-TV ;-). So, I'll just go with summaries, and if anyone wants to send me some reviews, I'll very happily put them up.
8-30-00 10:54 p.m. (eastern time): Another site won my award today. (-: Congratulations to the The Andalite War Council! I also won their award. I feel so appreciated. (-; I also went around the site and fixed some broken links that have probably been there since I last re-arranged the site, did some tweaking to the background colors, ect. I figure if I try hard, I'll have the profiles and such done by October 9th, just in time for the site's 2 year aniversary. Can you believe it'll be two years? Wow. (-:
8-29-00 5:35 p.m. (eastern time): FINALLY, someone has broken the 4-month streak of no one applying for my award. Congratulations to Animorphs Invasion!! (-: As for Animorph of the Week, I'm working on putting it up now. It's still in it's original format, for now. Someday, hopefully soon, I'll have things done enough to finish this! It's amazingly hard and time-consuming to write reviews of 40-some books, update profiles, try to finish quizzes. And I got myself into this! (-:
8-23-00 1:48 p.m. (eastern time): Hey, yet another non-Animorph of the Week update. Not that it's really major or anything. I made a little progress with my project, then I went through all the pages I hadn't updated since last year and fixed some things up here and there. I added another paragraph to the Opinions page, which should be changed to "Jahar's Rants and the Opinions of Others." I added some information to the Win My Award page on putting up the award, applying, and the new awards that I will make if people apply for them. (-: I figure I'll give out the awards for best news, artwork, fan-fic, entertainment, ect at the end of this year. Maybe I'll hold a big chat for it, too. The sites that have already won my award are automatically entered in this. I've just about given up on my spoilers page. It's just too far gone to be helped. (-; Once again, I'm still asking for some help with book reviews, fan fic, art, ect.
8-21-00 5:57 p.m. (eastern time): Well.. after 2 days of trying to finish up my new Animorph of the Week setup, I've decided it's going to take a LOT longer than I thought. And, since I only got the minimum of votes, I figure I'll just work on things this week, and put up the results next week. This has turned out to be more of a change to the profiles than Animorph of the Week, but I'm trying to get everything interlinked instead of just a bunch of different sections. Animorph of the Week is the Characters (profiles and such) and fan-art (sometimes). But now I'm adding the books, reviews, and quizzes, ect, ect into there.. maybe I'll even do some character and alien quizzes. That would be fun. Now, for the reason I'm updating... if anyone out there would like to write some book reviews for me, especially ones of the more recent books, please, PLEASE e-mail me. 40-some book reviews is a lot to do. And the reviews don't even have to be in HTML format, I can change them easy enough. And I'll be sure to give you credit. I'm begging! (-; Also, anyone that doesn't want to write reviews but has some Animorph art.. ::smiles insanely:: Alright.. I think that's enough harassing for this update.
8-16-00 6:41 p.m. (eastern time): Wow, a non-AOTW update!!! Can you believe it!? (-: I actually did something. And I'm going to tell you what I did too. (-; I added two new quizzes for your enjoyment. (-; I'm working on adding a few more before the end of the week, too. Who knows, they might even get finished someday! As for the completing-the-quizzes award, which was suggested to me by Dbmac1.. I want to do it, but right now, I have no idea how I'll do it. Maybe I'll make an award image and a page with everyone's scores and such. But then, I'd have to start making some of the quizzes a lot harder, and there's no way for me to prevent any cheating. Not that anyone would cheat, right? (-; Other than that.. I think I'm done here for now for today.
8-13-00 3:48 p.m. (eastern time): Okies. I updated Animorph of the Week today. This week's winner was one that never won before, so I had to put in a good hour or two to get all the pics uploaded. You'd think I would have had all that done ahead of time, wouldn't you? (-: Anyway, while I was slaving away at my imperfect HTML, I had an interesting idea. So, by next week I'm going to re-do AOTW again. Nothing major looks-wise, I just thought it was about time that I added some more information, reviews, ect. (-:
7.23.00 3:48 p.m. & 8:02 p.m. (eastern time) (2) Told you I'd update twice. I didn't get around to the spoilers section... I did, however, write up a vedy short (to be added onto later, of course) Quotes Page. I also went through my links and removed all (or most of, I might have missed some..) the dead ones. It's amazing the rate at which AniPages are disappearing. If you happen to have an Animorphs (or EverWorld, if you'd like, even though I don't have a section for that anymore) website, e-mail me with the address and name. The page is looking pretty bare. )-: (1) Weird.. I haven't updated on a Sunday in a looong time. (-: Anyway, if you didn't guess, I've got Animorph of the Week up. And just to keep things from becoming terribly boring and repititious, I added a page. Tis not much, but I've decided to keep my past updates archived so everyone will know that all I've done on the website for the past months is update AOTW... I was going to update my spoilers page or set up a non-java chatroom or something, but my sister is yelling at me and poking me with an ear of corn because she wants the computer. Next time she does this, I'll leave her e-mail address so everyone can send her mean and harassing e-mail. (-: If I get the chance, this might even be one of those days where I update twice.
7.7.00 1:38 p.m. (eastern time) (-: It's Friday and guess what? I've actually got Animorph of the Week up. Ahead of schedule, even. Really, it's the result of extreme summer boredom. Sorry if it seems like AOTW has been the only thing I've been updating lately. I'm lazy an I haven't gotten around to anything new yet. It looks like AOTW will end up being every other week, since I've consistantly not gotten enough votes. However, if I get enough votes over one week, I will gladly post the results. (-:
6.12.00 5:25p.m. - Well now.. I've got Animorph of the Week up for this week (really two weeks because last week I didn't have enough votes). Now that I'm out of school (FREEDOM! Finally!) I'll have enough time to fix things up around here, since I've kinda been shirking my responcibilities.. if it's even that. (-: I really ought to update the spoilers section, but I'll be sure to tell you when I've got that done...