Chat Rules

Try the best you can to follow the rules! Please! When I'm in there I'll enforce them, but otherwise, behave yourselves! I'm still working on getting a normal non-java one because I understand there are people out there without java. (-: Until then, these will do quite well, I think.
    Basic Chat rules:
  1. Clean chat please, nothing obscene, minimal swearing.
  2. No shouting (unless there's a war.. ;-), scrolling, ect.
  3. Follow AOL TOS in the AOL chat.
  4. NO impersonating anyone. Especially me. I have ways of knowing, and if I try to get in, and someone's using my name, I'll come in under another name. I have plenty to spare. (-;
  5. No coming in just to make fun of Animorphs.
  6. Have fun :-)

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