"I am Dee-dee-dee-ler-i-ous!" -- Ax Book #29

"Sticking your tongue in an electrical socket is dangerous - not to mention painful." -- Marco Book #5

"I want to hop on the cafeteria table and dance on somebody's Tater Tots until the hall monitor comes to drag me away" -- Marco Book #25

"It was those kids! I am looking for three kids named Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and Cindy Crawford." -- Captain Torelli Book #14

"OK, let's get serious here. How are we going to go about getting ourselves killed next? Turn into flies at a frog convention? Morph into turkeys at Thanksgiving?" -- Marco Book #2

"Hey, the chicks go wild for feathers, bay-bee..." -- Tobias #29

"My Bod-deee? Body, body, bawd-eee?" -- Ax #29

"I would like to shuffle my artificial hooves to the music with you. But you cannot have my body. My bod. Dee. My bo. Dee." -- Ax #29

"Like a lumberjack who's just chopped off one of his own legs, like a one-legged lumberjack who's remaining leg is a tree stump and -" -- Marco #29

"Mr. Tidwell! Some guys in the bathroom have cherry bombs. They're going to blow the lids off all the toilets! It'll be a toilet massacre!" -- Marco #29

"Erek, does the Yeerk pool have toilets?" -- Marco #29

"Oh. my. Lord, forget the bird! There's an elephant stomping over the convertables!" -- Dealin' Dan Hawke #3

"No, I haven't had any weird dreams about the sea. I've had weird dreams about my sheets trying to strangle me. I've had weird dreams about falling from way up high and when I finally land, I'm in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood talking to King Friday. I've had weird dreams about that woman on Baywatch ... hmm, well, that does kind of involve the ocean, I guess." -- Marco #4

"Weird? Weird? The talking bird wants to know if getting information of an alien from a whale that you've just saved from sharks, by turning into dolphins... you're suggesting that's weird?" -- Marco #4

"See? Still think my Idea is nuts? Wait a minute, it is nuts. What's the matter with me? Am I insane?" -- Marco #29

"The man is a brussels sprout." -- Marco #18

"Where the psycic frogs are from?" -- Cassie #18

"Come visit my execution parlor!" -- An Iskoort #26

"You're telling me it's more relaxing for everyone if I just act like we're all going to die?" -- Marco #15

"The men who are young and restless do not wear shirts. I am young. And I am occasionally restless." -- Ax #28

We're shopping all the sales, Enemies 'R' Us, Enemymart, J.C. Enemy. Don't worry, we'll find one. -- Marco #8

"I'm Falling Girl's partner, Dropping Chick." -- Cassie #12

"Marco? Something has happened to your hair. I believe it has become shorter. Are you suffering from some sort of illness?" -- Ax #10

"Why is the meal happy?" -- Ax #14

"Im am from the republic of Ivory Coast. How about Equadorial Guinea? The Republic of Kyrgyzstan? Canada? I am from Canada. I am Canadese." -- Ax #24

"Eeenie, meenie, minie, moo" -- Visser3 #12

"Marco, you and Jake already have fights for dominance, and you're just ordinary guys" -- Rachel #3 (sent in by thecat18)

"I'm afraid you're primitive male behavior might slow us down." -- Cassie #3 (sent in by thecat18)

"Sure, Marco, but that was different. You and the gorilla were already so much alike." -- Rachel #3 (sent in by thecat18)

"Hugely funny." -- Marco #3 (sent in by thecat18)

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