Past Updates

7-10-01 12:13 PM: OK, my second update in 2 hours. I'm just writing to say, while I was playing around with pcitures, another idea struck me, so ow we're gonna have a game to play! ::snickers:: If this picture disturbs you, you probably won't like Pin The Hair on Tyler Stewart.. but it's fun to do that to bald Canadians.. REALLY!! (-; I also need some more suggestions on whose hair to put on his head. I've only got about 5 pictures up so far. And I'm not telling you who, because that ruins the whole surprise. Unless someone happens to have the picture of John Linnell with his "gravity defying hair" that I can't seem to find ANYWHERE anymore. And I know I saw it somewhere! And so everyone doesn't forget about the two new parodies (and their (completely needless) explanations are up too!), I'm putting this here, too. ::sings "Hotel Detective" for no apparent reason::
7-10-01 10:10 PM: Well, I'm back for at least the rest of this month (no guarantee on next month, as it signals a return to Evil Nazi Bandcamp). And I plan on adding a lot of stuff. And what's more (and definately dangerous), I couldn't sleep last night, so I've got NEW PARODIES FOR YOU!!! Aren't ya proud? And now that I've finished reading 2001: A Space Odyssey (never seen the movie ;-), I think I'm going to see if I can finally write Just Die HAL. ::smiles insanely:: And I found parts of parodies I had before I started this site (Like "Eh") that I'm going to finish, and I'll probably put up parodies that other people have written (mostly the Deathmatch Parodies and Pieces) somewhere around here too. And (how many times have I used this word so far?) I'm going to start a new page on here just for my ramblings (whis is what Meanderings was for in the first place..), so I don't have to put my poor friends at WCASW through them anymore. I'm starting to treat that board like my old Weirdo Board.. ::sniffles:: Why did Inside the Web have to take it away??!! (-; I'm also thinking of putting up a dream journal.. which, yes, is probably just as scary as you think it will be. But I want to keep track of them, and they are quite amusing to read. In other news.. expect some changes in the structure of the site, too. I'm changing it around because I'm getting tired of the same old setup, and I'm trying to see how much HTML I can still remember. So far I barely remember frames and I don't remember tables at all. Why did everyone let me stay away for so long?!
5-2-01 7:52 PM: Wow... when I say I drop off the face of the earth, I do. You've probably noticed that anyway.. but I thought I'd update just to say that. And ramble on more aboot what I plan to do. Since Animorphs is ending soon, I'll probably just leave the site in suspended animation, which just leaves me all my spare time with this. I have been working on the parodies, but they're not ready to be put up yet. I even have two BNL ones (NOT completely slaughtered this time.. I'd take down We're 'NSYNC if one of my friends didn't like it) that I used to study for my English and History tests. (-; I also want to put together a huge list of really weird quotes, I need someplace to put all my favourite Früvous quotes so I don't scare my friends anymore. Plus the stuff that comes out of my Algebra class.. it needs to be documented somewhere. (-; Really, I love the one guy's theory that there is no real bottom to the ocean and that it's really "just like a big black hole, only it doesn't suck everything in." And if you dropped a rock down there it'd just disintigrate from the pressure. I've also been working on a bit of a novel.. at least for me it's a novel. 10 pages long already and I'm not even to the point.. sounds like this update, doesn't it? I plan on posting it here, but only after I change all the names.. including the bands, points to people who can guess them. (-: Hopefully I'll be able to finish up Syndicate Island soon (holy cow.. I've been so long on getting around to working on my website I've forgotten all my filenames!!!), but I know I shouldn't do it now lest I bring in incarnations of They Might Be Giants or something. Which is why I'm writing my novel. But anyway.. where was I? Drat it all.. oh well, just saying I plan on actually DOING some of this in the near future. Maybe even this weekend. ::shrugs:: Or now.. ::evil smiles:: Oh! And I forgot to mention.. it seems even BNL has jumped on the infomercial bandwagon. Rock Star Foot Cream? Yeah, I think they've seen Toe-Riffic. (-:
2-26-01 5:20 PM: Oh dear! I can't believe I've been away for this long!!!! But really, school's been keeping me plenty busy. Luckily, I've been writing when I'm bored in studyhall! (-; So, I've got too many parodies ready than I can keep track of (yet none of them are really.. done..). To make up for my long absense, I DID, however, add a bit to Syndicate Island. (-: And since no one really voted for anyone in the tribe where people are being voted off, I just had to get rid of a random character. Who hasn't really left yet anyway. I mean.. well, just go read it! ::smiles insanely:: And I've got a play I'm writing too (hard.. evil! Rrrr! Writers block is terrible!!!). Aaaanyway, I've gotta go now. I'll try to get some of the new stuff up within the next week.. but certainly don't hold me to that! ::promptly drops off the face of the earth::
9-16-00 3:51 PM: ::sighs:: Once again school has reared it's ugly head. Which, of course and always for the first time, will bring good and bad to this section. There's always my wasted studyhall time that I use.. well.. interstingly, but then there's everything else. The good-ish news is that I've got a studyhall this year, so now I'll have time to work on the Parodies. (-: About time, huh? I've got two almost halfway done! In fact, I might even finish them this weekend. One of which I haven't even said that I was gonna write. (You see, since I've christened this my "home page," I reserve every right to ramble, which is exactly what I'm gonna do now...) On Tuesday I got Maroon, the new BNL CD. I love it! Just thought I'd tell everyone that. But anyway.. I'm using "Never Do Anything" as a new "adaptation." (We all learn a little from Weird Al..) about Algebra class. Of course, I've only got about 5 lines done. Typical me. Hmm. Maybe I should do something before I update from now on, huh? Oh, and one more thing. The school stuff is going to cut down on how much I can write on Syndicate Island. Though, it doesn't seem that that many people are reading it anyway. Or people are, but they're just not taking the time to VOTE. (-;
9-3-00 5:51 PM: I once again added a lot to Syndicate Island. It seems that I also had a very interesting and facetious person that tried to vote Jamie from Big Brother off the island... However... ::waves to that person:: I figured I'd make things interesting and put her there for a little while just to get rid of her. (-: I shouldn't encourage these things, should I? (-; Now, I need some votes for people on the Fly-Bee tribe.
8-21-00 6:30 PM: I added a lot to Syndicate Island. I've still only got one vote in the booth, though. However... we all know who casted that vote, don't we? I can't be the only one voting, ya know? ::sniffles:: I feel so rejected! Maybe I'll try to get archived at Gossamer's Works In Progress archive and have people vote from there. ::snickers:: Like that'd ever happen (I've seen worse fics there, but this isn't really a fic, so....). Aaaanyway. In other news, there is no other news. I'll re-start work on the parodies next time the spirit moves me, but lately, as you can see, I'm in a Syndicate Island mood. (-;
8.17.00 1:51 PM - B) Classic me, update, then do work so I have to update again. (-: I made the voting booth for Syndicate Island, so feel free to get on over there and vote someone off. I don't know where to go from here, and I'm only on Day 4! So unless a strange form of the ague strikes them all dead, I'm at a dead end myself. I did end day 4 though, and censored one of Diana's lines. I'd rather not think of the possibilities if the islanders had let her finish that sentence. (-:
A) 1:18 - OK, just a kinda informational, surveyish update thing today. I'm thinking of having people vote to kick people off of Syndicate Island, because I'm at a loss as to who to kick off next. Even though I've already lost two. (-; I'll set up the voting booth later today and see what happens. I guess there'll be a week of online voting where people nominate people and then vote. Of course, if voting for this ends up like AOTW.. I'm not gonna wait, I'll just pick someone. I just thought I'd try a bit to Big Brother in there too, maybe keep people mildly interested. (-;
8.15.00 7:46 PM - Wellll.. not much of a big update today. Pretty spread out though, so it looks like I did something. (-: I added some stuff to my Me Page. I fiddled around with the Parodies page a bit, but didn't add anything much besides a new upcoming parody. I did make an attempt at Eatin Bonn-Bonns.. but it's gonna take a little more work that I thought. And in real-web-work news, I added a bit more to Syndicate Island. Unfortunately, I think if things go the way they seem to be going (which they won't if the irony gods are at work ;-), the rating will have to be upped to PG. I think right now it's between a G and PG, but does it really matter? I also thought of downloading the real Survivor theme and playing it backwards to see what it sounded like, and maybe putting it in as a background for Syndicate Island. (-: I'm still threating Pigeon to give me the... DRAT! I left it at her house, no wonder... heh heh.. ummm... OK, so you know I'm an idiot. I'll have the DI script someday, really I will. As for other stuff I still haven't done, I have 3 more or so Infomercials that I still haven't put up, but I've been reading them over, and I figure that maybe I won't post them. Aw, why not? If I get to a part I really hate, I'll just edit it. All except for number 9 (or something around there... ) The crossover DEFINATELY needs a major lift before I think it's worthy of posting. (-:
8.3.00 12:07 AM - Ooo... extreme sleep depravation. (-: Great way to come up with very terrible satires. Unfortunately, I don't have any good songs to make fun of right now.. so I added a bit more to Syndicate Island for your reading pleasure or pain, depending on which way you look at it... whether the glass is half empty or half full, and if you are a shipper or noromo. ::cackles at Believer:: A-hem, pardon me. I know, I've completely lost it. If you want to remind me, you can e-mail me with death threats, flames, the original Requiem script, a bag of Doritos, a coupon with permission to sacrifice one or more of your family or friends (it's a friendly discount! let me sacrifice someone close to you, and you get to access this website for free! what? you say it's already free? well.. if you don't it won't be anymore! ;-), praise to my superior intelligence (because I'm a SUPER GENIOUS), or my life, if you happen to find it laying around. I know it's somewhere in that darned filing cabinet! ::tears up the computer room:: Drat.. no I'll never be able to find anything!! Curse you, Evil Jahar9!
Oh, and if I accidentally offended anyone... we don't really sacrifice people here in OHIO.. at least most of the time. (-: It's just a strange, twisted, and warped joke of mine. Perhaps I should stop that, seeing as we live in an age of paranoia. Paranoia is fun!! ::looks around suspiciously:: Big Brother isn't watching us.. we're watching Big Brother!
7.24.00 2:07 PM - Dum da da daaaaa! Haha. This is the second update in as many days! (-: Extreme summer boredom must be setting in. I added some more to Syndicate Island. I'm also in the process of harassing my friend for our DI (Destination Imagination) script. (-: It was quite an interesting masterpiece, and I figured I'd stick it up here too. I know I've mentioned this before. (-: Perhaps I should go look for it. And if I manage to find it, everyone can be sure they'll see another update today. (-:
7.23.00 6:07 PM - I fixed up some of Syndicate Island, since it seems that I had a slight lapse in judgement when I decided to try to use Frontpage as a shortcup. I ended up going back through it and re-writing all the HTML. Frontpage has no idea as to efficient HTML-ing. Or maybe I just don't have a good version. Oo well. Last time I do that. (-: I also added a leeetle bit, for your reading enjoyment. I've also moved my past updates to a Past Updates page. Ah.. only on the internet do things that make so much sense make no sense at all. (-:
7.21.00 6:54 PM - ::waves to everyone on Netscape who can (hopefully, very hopefully) see the site now:: Yes, ladies and gents, I fixed my minor HTML errors (which included missing HTML closing tags, so the browser didn't know where the page started and ended. ;-), put up what I've got of Syndicate Island, solved world hunger, brought peace to the Middle-East, made the world safer for Democracy, came up with a new parody idea, and put up some little disclaimers and copyright stuff. (Void where prohibited, only 50% of data guaranteed correct and truthful, imperfections add to character of product). I also put Just Die Hal and Quit Lighting Flames from my Farts in permanent suspended-animation. I'm not gonna do them, unless a bunch of people e-mail me and yell at me for not doing them. (-; My one replacement parody (to fill the gap in our lives) is going to be "I Can Throw the Discus": A parody of "I Can Go the Distance." I figured maybe I'd expand. Undoubtedly I'll do a few country songs soon. I'll see what else I can get ahold of. In honor of the new Pokémon movie I might even write up another related parody. I was thinking of using "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon as a sequel to "It Drives Me Crazy" or maybe I'll give up and write "It Still Drives Me Crazy." (-; I'm also thinking of posting some of my friends' parodies (Sidney wrote a very interesting one of "Little Black Backpack") and include the WCDM parodies and parody parts. (-:
7.7.00 update (1) 1:05 pm - I got bored and decided I'd put up a page with links to (some of) the Yahoo! Clubs I'm a member of, in a desperately subtle attempt to get more members for my clubs. (-; I've hit a kind of road block in my musical parodies right now. I actually sat up last night figuring out how to do "Just Die HAL" but I've put it on permanent hiatus until it's no longer permanent. I know I'll need the midi for "Quit Lighting Flames From My Farts" so guess what, when I finish it, you'll get the midi on the page so you can sing along, too! (-: Aren't you lucky? However, neither of these will be getting done very soon, since I'm a lazy slacker. Right now I'm working on a parody of Survivor. It's crossed with X-Files and talk-show hosts with other miscellaneous characters and called Syndicate Island. Maybe I'll post it day by day as I go. Make it a sort of cliffhanger. (-: Also, When I get the time to type it all out, (I was stupid enough to delete the original copy from my computer!) I'm going to put up my school project. Don't be afraid, my friend, for it is a parody of Great Expectations. It's amazing what I've gotten away with in school. From The Sparkly Food Processor, to "10 Ways to Embarass Yourself in 10 Seconds or Less" (a Martha-Stewart-style instructional presentation on just that. If I could find my script, I'd post it too), to My Expectations. Scary, huh? What is the public schooling system coming to???? (-:
(2) 4:17 p.m. - Be very happy. I just finished re-typing My Expectations. I've actually updated twice in one day! I'll probably put up a Directors Notes thing too, to clarify some of the humor, ect. ::falls over:: That really took a long time to type. I'm getting really close to putting up Syndicate Island, too. Maybe tomorrow. (-: It's certainly not done, though.
6.12.00 - Ok, so I haven't really updated. But I have to ramble.. then I'll update. (-: I logged in today to find that somehow I magically have 40-some more MB of webspace than I had before... which is good of course, I just don't know much of what to do with it besides that I'm going to be able to put more up here (and finally finish uploading all the AOTW pics!). I'm thinking of starting this comic strip that I've had a nagging idea for... (even though my drawing abilities are atrocious and my humor is worse). Hey, I've got space to waste now, you shall suffer. (-: And don't worry (fret not!), I've got two more parodies almost ready.