Parody Explanations

After a couple people asked me to shed some light on the weirdness that is my archive of parodies, I thought I'd make the explanations public. Why leave the masses confuzzeled? (-; I also had noticed that much of my junk makes no sense without a little explanation because I'd based some of my parodies on real life.

Larger Than Lice:

There really isn't much to explain on this parody besides the fact that it was my very first parody that was worth putting up. (-: It came to me in my sleep... actually it didn't, I was sitting in my bed and the radio was turned down and I couldn't hear it quite right so I decided this was basically what it sounded like. Plus I was telling a weird story to my little sister (with the song included, hence the UFO stuff ;-) Scary, eh?

Who Neesd 'STYNK?:

I did this parody in a hurry, and can't remember exactly why. I just remember showing it to my friends at the same time as Larger Than Lice. Basically, this was another that I came up with while falling asleep (on the computer). Only this time I was listening to my Barenaked Ladies CD at the time and found that "Who Needs Sleep" sounded a lot like "We're *NSYNC." It's all downhill from there. There were a lot of rhyming problems for me in this one, which is where you get gems like "chaos in the wheat" and "the smell feet" ect. ect. (-: Though, now that I'm reading over everything again, this one's starting to grow on me.

It Drives me Crazy:

This is one of my best, I think. It blends two of the things most wrong with the world: Brittany Spears and Pokemon. (-: Of course, you can also look at it through the eyes of my little sister as a great tribute to Pokemon everywhere. ::coughs:: Anyway, I found the names with a little help from my sister's poster. A truely interesting experience. I like this one the most for the rhyming, though. ::sings:: That's Beedrill's a'wastin, and the Squirtle's askew.

Cheese, All I Ever Had:

::sighs:: My masterpiece. This has to be my absolute best so far. It blends with the actual song VERY well. Try it! I think the reason this song is so great is because it's about my favorite stand-alone food: cheese! What about cheese wouldn't be good? Unless it was anti-cheese. Of course, it's imperfect at the beginning, as most of my parodies are. They never make sense until halfway through, especially most of my more recent ones. This is also the last parody PRD (Pre Rhyming Dictionary). It's just a feat within itself. Even some of my friends agree. (-;

Show Me the Money:

Another of my wonderful Backstreet Boys. As you'll undoubtedly notice eventually, most songs I parody are by artists I don't really like (with the exception of "Who Needs 'STYNK," "Hug-A-Boo" and the upcoming "Just Die HAL"). Repeated use of an artist shows a rather immence dislike. (-: Anway, the inspiration comes from a mistake on the Hot 8 at 8 countdown on my local radio station where the DJ mis-said the name as "Show me the Money." It got worse from there. I really wasn't happy with this parody after I'd read over it a few times, so I wrote another version.

Show Me the Money ver. 2:

My second parody of show Me The Meaning... Although it's better than the first, it's still not quite up to par with the rest of my parodies. It's much better if you picture the song being about Boris Cabrera, in my opinion. (-; Of course, just my saying that makes no sense to some people, so that needs explaining too. After hanging with the anti-AniTV people for awhile I really started making fun of Boris. Crossing homie with Shakespear is never good, but it worked with this song, sorta. At least in a humorous way. The line "Show me the meaning of being homely" also came from the local radio station. They sometimes have phone-in guest DJ's, and the person made fun of the regular DJ by saying that it was his theme-song. My friend told me about it and I thought it was at least a little funny, so I stuck it in there too.


This is also one of my better parodies. However, it really needs lots of explanation to make any sense at all. My high school's football team made it to state semi-finals, but was beaten. Their (the other team) star player had a name that sounded like Hugaboo, and parts of the marching band spent much of the game singing his name to Destiny's Child's song "Bug-A-Boo." When I got home, I started work on this. I didn't use the trusty rhyming dictionary on this parody, so there's a few weird lines like "you ran into my skiier." Sorry, but there's absolutely no way I can explain those... they don't even make sense to me.

(Oh, Foo) I've got Cheese In My Eye:

I don't really like the way this one goes, but I can' figure out a good way to make it better. (-: The reason I parodied this song was the da ba dee da ba die part. You can fit all kinds of different stuff in there. The only problem was, I couldn't get my explanation to fit to the tune of the song. Makes you wonder how the poor guy got cheese in his eye, doesn't it? Or not...

Buy, Buy, Buy:

This, in my opinion, is another of my best (and without a rhyming dictionary too, maybe that's what's been the problem ;-). Since I haven't really introduced this to the public yet, I have no idea what others think. Basically, the parody is about a door-to-door salesman. I might know what he's selling, I might not, but I'm not telling because I'm mean and e-vil, as some people tell me. (-: Fortunately, the thing flows pretty well so there aren't many lines to explain or strange stuff like that. Amazingly, it seems to make sense. To me, at least.

It Drives Me Crazy II:

My second Pokémon parody. And you'll be quite proud of me, because I stayed off the ryhming dictionaire on this one too. (-: Not that they're much good for names of Pokemon.. It makes a normal amount of sense (concidering the topic...), and it actually flows pretty well. Not my very best though.. The one bridge part is actually about the show, though. "But you just sit tight," ect.


Well, if you couldn't tell by the way this one almost fits, and how it almost makes a little sense if you think about it.. Yes, I wrote this one at 1:00 in the morning last night when I couldn't sleep. (-; And I did it completely by scratch. Wrote it out longhand, didn't have the liner notes with me, and I wasn't listening to the CD, which explains why it doesn't quite fit with the song in some parts. But with a little imagination, it works out pretty well. The inspiration for this one? A year or two ago there was a flood when a water line broke in a town near me, and my mom works with one of the ladies whose basement was flooded, but for some reason hers had drained, which made her family very happy. Until they found out a week ago that the water had drained into a sinkhole under her house, which opened up and took her washer and dryer with it... Or so I hear. (-;

Just Die HAL:

My second longhand parody. And after all the lengths I'd gone to to avoid typing things out like this. (-; But that's OK, because I'd better learn to do it this way anyway. As for the parody itself.. it's basically the story of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It might be a teensy-bit out of order, but that's because the song just didn't seem to like me after I started it. On the plus side, it did force me to get out my country CDs that I hadn't listened to for ages. (-: