ME!!! Me, me, me!

I'm a very weird person, and I'm sure you really, deeply care. Actually though, I don't think you'd be here unless you had even the slightest interest in who I am and where on earth all my weird stuff comes from. (-; Or maybe you're just hopelessly bored and looking for something to do in the vast expance of the internet (what the HECK are you doing here, then???). Only one of these questions can and will be answered... and it's not why I'm weird, gish-durn it! It's probably genetic.. or because of the paste I ate as a child. (-:
A Very Interesting Rendition of Guess Who... MEEEE! By Sidney the Multi-Colored Armadillo! (-:

You are the person to learn about the weirdness that is Jahar9. (-: