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"'What you doing? Working on your website? Does anyone even go there anymore?' 'I dunno.' 'Well, what to you get from it ::mocking:: personal enjoyment?!'" -- Umm.. yeah. ::shakes her head:: I miss the days when my sister would just nod and smile.
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Welcome to my newest no-longer new section. Jahar9's Meanderings. It's as close as I'm gonna get to a real homepage. I'm gonna stick my stories, parodies, and all my other weird-o junk right over here. Beware! Mwahahahahahaha!
Last Updated: 7-13-01 3:40 PM: Well, just so you know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth again, here I am! Three days later, bringing you another parody! I finally finished Just Die HAL. (-: It's not as good as I would have liked it to be, but once I got started the song just didn't want to go along with what I wanted to write. I've got another parody, but it's only half finished. And IT doesn't want to go along with the flow, either. DARN YOU, JOHN AND JOHN!! ::snickers:: So, I'll finish it when it decides it likes me again, and until then, I'll work on one of the many, many projects I have waiting for me to finish. Including a place for me to put my rants and such, and completely misinterpreted songs, and the new layout for the site. And finishing all the other half-finished projects I have laying around. Syndicate Island needs more votes! I've got too many characters to manage right now, so it's terribly hard for me to write. Vote someone off, please!
And, in reference to the quote for today (Happy Friday the 13th, by the way! ;-), does anyone still come around here? I'm quite aware that my friends and family don't come around unless I warn them. (-: I see that I do manage to get a couple hits a day, though, and I know they're not me, because I sit here behind my extrememly evil HTML editor. (-; Of course, there's no way I'm deleting this, because even if no one reads it, yes, it IS for personal enjoyment, and for anyone else that happens to stumble across it. And it saves me a lot of paper. ::smiles insanely:: But what I want to know, is it worth promoting? Should I go out and look for other parody-ists, get myself listed on all the search engines? What do you think, oh phantom surfers? Surely it's a lot more fun to read than those thousands of internet journals? (-;

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