Evil Jahar9

"Evil Jahar9 is the product of WCDM insanity. She is very, very e-vil. Not even Gerund Man can save us from her e-vilness! Evil Jahar9 is a Hanson/*NSYNC hybrid. Scared yet? She came about somewhere in WCDM number 7.. but for some odd reason I can't figure out where. Anyway.. I think she's gonna talk to you now.. watchout! She should be frozen on the Martian Ice Cap.. but somehow she escaped through a plothole." ~the Real Jahar9

I'm the Real Evil Jahar9. No relation to the Real Slim Shady.. of course. Why am I real? Because I'm REAL E-vil. Not fake evil or anything like that. I make my smilies the right way, I listen to rock music and rap, I make fun of my school, I'm the one responsible for stuff like Syndicate Island, the title of My Expectations (and some of the Drag Queen scene, although even I have to blame most the e-vilness of that on SlimeTheSly), and some of the worst parodies. At least that's what Jahar9 blames on me. I like to think of my work as different, interesting, and innovative. Just because it might offend someone doesn't mean I can't write it. If Jahar9 was just a tad more paranoid, this entire site would be mine! Hey, I might even get some fans because of Syndicate Island, I've heard it's getting to be quite a hit. ;-) I was also the one that played Evil Scientist Rachel in the DestinationImagination play, but that's not up yet, so you don't know what I'm talking about. That's understandable.. me being a SUPER GENIOUS and all. You'll get that later.. after my death threats get through to PigeonMorph.