Karez's Weyr

You walk into a brightly decorated room. "HI!" you hear a large green dragon yell as you enter the cavern. You jump at the sudden boom. <Karez, tone it down, everyone that comes in here is going to be deaf.> "Oh yea, oops. Sorry," the green dragon says to you. You notice the ring on his finger. You realize he has a reason to be just a little excited (and loud). "Ah, yes," Karez says to you, "I see you noticed the ring. I was just married to Liaya! It was a wonderful ceremony, you can see it here. I'm a daddy now too! I have 1 green boy, and three girls, one green, and two yellows. One of the little yellow girls is living with me, Jemazia!"

I'm a father!


Jemazia's Toys-----My color-changing ball! It used to be Karez's, but he gave it to me.------It's the blob!------It goes up...it goes down..-------This is my toy airplane, when I learn to fly, it will fly with me-------And this is my toy clothes pin, isn't it neat!--------The TV, Karez and I share it for now.

You are the to visit Karez and Jemazia.

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