Jonaz's Weyr

You walk into a room, with an open field in the middle. There is a large, strong bronze dragon lounging under a tree. Every few minutes he flys up and circles around the interior part of the cave.

I am finally an adult!

You see a plaque on the wall, and go over to read it:

Jonaz's Toys

I think Jahar is trying to bribe me to learn my magic, but I'm not too interested in that.--------- I got this one because Jahar lost her marbles and gave me the only one left--------My bouncy ball!---------This escaped from a lava lamp---------This one is my second favorite color. I like silver better, but Jahar could not find a silver one.-------My friend the dolphin, wave back!--------My silver Jewel---------My disco Ball.

You are the to visit Jonaz!

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