Page Milestones!!!!

Here we are again... My page is almost 2 years old! It's amazing, isn't it? I now have just about everything I need for my site.. Two chats (no non-java yet, but that's coming!), message board, plus a new section that is actually my HOME page! Or, as close as I'll get. ::smiles insanely::

    Pages Memorable Moments (sounds like a section in a baby book doesn't it?)
  1. Page created and put up-October 9, 1998
  2. Page visited first by-Lifty at 7:45pm eastern time October 9, 1998
  3. I added my first subpage, this one-8:05pm eastern time October 9, 1998
  4. The 60th person visited my page-GoVikes
  5. I joined my 1st webring-11/3/98
  6. The 200th person visited my site on 11/4/98-PBa12159
  7. The 350th person visited my site-Yeerkboy13
  8. The 500th person visited my site (YEA!!)-Jekkal-Corlen-Fahlo
  9. I remodeled my site-Saturday December 5, 1998
  10. I adopted my dragon Kicha-December 12,1998
  11. I added a frames version-10:10 a.m. Thursday December 24, 1998
  12. My dragons hatched-Christmas! December 25, 1998
  13. I got my 900th visitor!, SkyTigress!-December 26, 1998
  14. I put up a welcome page and also re-set my counter-December 30, 1998
  15. *Slime the Sly (aka Inspector Gadget) invaded my message board-Hey, he told me he was worthy, HA!
  16. Kicha found a mate, and so did Karez.
  17. The Infamous Slime the Sly was the 1000th person to visit my site
  18. ChrisCD was the 1001 to visit my site-I don't want them to argue, but hey, like I can stop that.
  19. I updated twice in one day, and added the spoilers section (which incidentally hasn't been updated since then, I think ;-)-February 27, 1999 at 10:09 pm.
  20. I had my 1100 visitor!-Tobias128 on Feb. 27, 1999
  21. I moved everything around and still don't have everything fixed (-;-Late December 1998
  22. I Joined 6 Top Site Lists, actually got Animorph of the Week up on time, and was reminded by Kita Katan that I hadn't put anything on this page since Feb.-August 20, 1999
  23. I got kicked off one of the lists for not having a banner, and made a new banner-August 21, 1999
  24. I made my biggest update since I made this page, I think-I uploaded two new pages, and got Animorph of the Week up on time FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW! WooHoo! And re-adjusted my frames to be just a tiny bit smaller. And all this happened on August 27, 1999 between 12:00 and 4:07.
  25. I had my 4171st visitor-Believer on September 12, 1999
  26. I re-modeled Animorph of the Week-October 5, 1999
  27. I added Jahar9's Meanderings and deleted my EverWorld section-December 5, 1999
  28. Y2K does not strike my site, YAY!-January 1, 2000
  29. I MAJORLY updated, for once- January 9, 2000. I added two new sections to Meanderings, one new profile to Animorphs, and updated Animorph of the Week. (-:
  30. I (re-)introduced the new look for the main Animorphs page- May 23, 2000
  31. I Started Syndicate Island- July 17th, 2000
  32. I Started to re-model Animorph of the Week a second time- August 19th, 2000
  33. SITE'S 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!- October 9th, 2000
  34. First Use of the New Animorph of the Week Layout- (and the beginning of a really, really huge project..) October 13/14th, 2000
  35. Site hits 10 MB mart- Not that that means much. It's just getting bigger and such. (-: July 17, 2001

Go Back. "Do Not pass go, do not collect $200." There's no copyrights on that, right? (Of course there are, Jahar..) Just as long as I quote it. Is there no end to the madness?

* Unofficial Milestone.