Animorph of the Week (updated: 2/25/00)

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::falls over:: I'm SO sorry for not updating this sooner. Of course, I've always got my excuses. I'm really surprised that I ended up with 70 votes! Anyway, I still don't have the sections done, and they probably won't be finished in the near future, so I'm just going to have to leave you with what you had before. Sorry!

Try to get your votes in before next Saturday (Click the banner above to go to the voting booth). I won't put anything up unless I get at least 4 votes. (-: And now.. ::hums a fanfare:: I introduce to you the new layout. Which, in fact, isn't all that different from the old layout.. But anyway, now you've got only one picture to click on, and that takes you to the winner of Animorph of the Week's profile, with links to pictures and books.. ect. Even though I don't have the books stuff done.. (-:

You are the person to check out the results of Animorph of the Week and (hopefully) to have voted. (-;

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