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(Last General Update: 7-10-01) ::hums a medely of obscure songs:: Alrighty people. I've been working pretty hard on a new format for the site, but it's not quite ready. I just wanted to let anyone that's still around that I am still here, working behind the scenes. For now, the only updates you'll be able to see anywhere is down in Meanderings.. because I'm in a weird mood. (-:

Welcome to Jahar9's Pages! The dates next to the links are the time last updated, but sometimes I will update, and forget to put the date on here. I usually update around the weekend, so that's the best time to check. (-; In the Animorphs section you can find, well, stuff about Animorphs. What did you expect? Make sure you vote for Animorph of the Week if you're here for Animorphs. (-; The Lost Infomercials are my very, very weird infomercial parodies, most of which make no sense at all, even to the insane mind. Jahar9's Meanderings is where you'll find the rest of my parodies and strange, seemingly meaningless ramblings. The last two links are basically self explanatory. Have fun!

Hey, are you still reading? Fine then, I'll tell you you are the person to be welcomed to Jahar9's Pages! (-: Have fun, be scared, be afraid, be amazed, send me e-mail!

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