Tobias "Bird-Boy"

Tobias was a dork that the bullies liked to beat up before the animorphs were given the morphing capibilities. In fact, he would not have been with the Animorphs that night had it not been for Jake saving him from a swirly, after that, he concidered Jake his friend.

Tobias is trapped in a red tailed hawk morph, but when he was human he was tall, and had wild, dirty-blonde hair. He spent his time daydreaming when he was human, but now as a hawk he defends his territory and catches mice. He is probably the most full-time of the Animorphs, along with his friend Ax.

His parents are Elfangor and Loren. Both parents disappeared when he was young, and he was shuttled between his aunt and uncle, neither of which really wanted him.

Tobais's books are #3 The Encounter, #13 The Change, #23 The Pretender, and #33 The Illusion.