"Marco, you know you're a toad?" "Yea, kiss me and I'll become a prince."

Marco was the most reluctant of the Animorphs at the beginning, until he found out that his mother was not dead, as he and his father believed before, but she had suffered a fate worse than death, she was a controller, Visser1. Marco spends his time making dumb jokes to lighten the rest of the Animorphs' moods, although the jokes are ill-appreciated. His most common phrase is a sign of his reluctance to be in the fight with the yeerks. "Are you insane?"

Marco is short, has short dark hair, brown eyes, and a suspicious look. He is about 13 or 14. His best friend is Jake. They love to argue over the dumbest things, like whether Batman could kick Spiderman's butt, and who's better at video games. He trades lines with Rachel in an on going put-down competition. He has a sarcastic attitude and makes fun of every one of the Animorphs at one time or another.

His mom disappeared when he was younger. He lives with his dad Jeremy, who is an engineer. His mom, Laura, is Visser1's host.

Marco's books are #5 The Predator, #10 The Android, #15 The Escape, #20 The Discovery, #25 The Extreme, #30 The Reunion, and #35 The Proposal.

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