Jake. Do his spots look a little green to you?

"Fearless leader"

Name: Jake
Age: About 13 or 14.
Gender: Male
Parents: Nikky and Greg
Siblings and Relatives: Tom (His Controller brother), Rachel, Sarah, and Jordan (his cousins), and Naomi and Dan (his aunt and uncle).
Position in Animorphs: Unofficial leader of the Animorphs (not by choice, by character). He's the kind of person you always look to if you have a problem.
Best Friend: Marco
Physical Appearance: Tall, big, with brown hair and eyes. Handsome, according to Cassie.
Personality: The leader type (hence his position as leader), he stays cool in a crisis. Also a trustworthy person. He often has to make split second decisions that concern people's lives. He goes over things in his head again and again when something goes wrong.
Morphs: Tiger, golden retriever, flea, peregrine falcon, green anole lizard, dolphin, ant, bat, wolf, lobster, trout, seagull, cockraoch, skunk, fly, great horned owl, termite, rhinoceros, spider monkey (unusable), parrot, horse, jaguar (unusable), hammerhead shark, mosquito, mole, Leeran, security guard (human), tyrannosaurus rex (unusable), dragonfly, Howler, seal, polar bear, squid.
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Books: #1 The Invasion, #6 The Capture, #11 The Forgotten, #16 The Warning, #21 The Threat, #26 The Attack, #31 The Conspiracy, #36 The Mutation, #41 The Familiar, #47 the Resistance.