"Let's all go buy burgenstocks and hug some trees"

Cassie is a natural peacemaker. She always questions the moral issues of every risky mission the Animorphs take on. I guess it's her nature. Cassie is also the "best morpher," she morphs the fastest and has more talent for morphing than Ax.

Cassie loves animals. She lives with her parents, who both care for animals. Her mom works at the Gardens, an amusement park/zoo. Her dad runs the wildlife rehibilitation center out of the family's barn.

She likes Jake, as in likes. Her best friend is Rachel. She is an only child (lucky her).

Cassie's books are #4 The Message, #9 The Secret, #14 The Unknown, #19 The Departure, #24 The Suspicion, #29 The Sickness, and #34 The Prophecy.