A Stick In Time is going to be my new comic strip. It stars 6 strange superheros (and superheroines, of course). Gerund Man - the leader of the bunch. Half man, half noun, half verb. Captain Adjective - Gerund Man's sidekick. He loves lengthy, overly-detailed, seemingly endless descriptions. Scuba Boy - Captain Adjective's protegé. He has dreams of being "President of the World" someday. Parabola Woman - unapoligetically logical. Hey, you need someone like her in a group of men. Scooper Man - Gerund Man's rival. He has dreams of something more than being a stick person. He also loves disco. Tall For a Short Man Man - the most average of the bunch, but will never admit it. He doesn't even dress like a superhero. He loves to garden.
I know right now it sounds sadly like Mystery Men... but really, I'm trying very hard to keep it far from that (except for the superhero part). I've already got several strips done. One's actually saved on my computer but I'm not posting it without some revision (my little sister is actually threatening me with "copyrights" on her character Mr. Pronoun ::snickers::). The first one I drew (actually by hand!) hasn't been transferred (in other words, I still need to buy a scanner) onto the computer yet. Once I get a scanner, however, I'm thinking maybe it might even be a daily strip. ::shrugs:: Who knows.
The Setup- A Stick in Time takes place in a small settlement of stick people under a leaf. Yes, a leaf. Just a leaf. And it's not even a big leaf. They have to prevent their nemeses from destroying their fragile community. Occasionally they travel out of their small settlement into the real world (like Belgium in "Pardon My Freak").