Tobias "Bird-Boy"
Mentally & Physically: Tobias was a tall, dorky with messy-blonde hair. Bullies liked to beat up before the Animorphs were given the morphing capibilities because he wouldn't defend himself. In fact, he would not have been with the Animorphs that night had it not been for Jake saving him from a swirly. After that, he'd concidered Jake his friend. When he was human, Tobias spent his time daydreaming. Tobias is very loyal to the Animorphs and their fight, and feels that he's finally found something worthwhile to be fighting for.
Family: Tobias came from a very messed-up family. Tobias was in the care of his uncle and aunt, who were on seperate sides of the country before the Animorphs, and he had to be shuttled back and forth frequently. His real parents were Prince Elfangor (Al Fangor) and Loren, but Elfangor had to return to his real life and Loren disappeared shortly after.
As an Animorph: Tobias was the first to try morphing, and was the closest to Elfangor before he was killed. Tobias was trapped in a red tailed hawk morph during the first mission to the Yeerk pool. Now as a hawk he defends his territory and catches mice. He is probably the most full-time of the Animorphs, along with his friend Ax. Tobias regained his morphing powers from the Ellimist in book 13. The Ellimist had told him he would give him what he really wanted after Tobias rescued two free Hork Bajir to start a new colony. The Animorphs had believed that the Ellimist would return Tobias to his human form, and Rachel still thinks Tobias was cheated, even though Tobias was given the chance to aquire himself and to become human again for 2 hours at a time. Tobias and Rachel really seem to like each other, but think they can't be together because of Tobias's non-human state.
Animoph of the Week: Tobias was a winner of Animorph of the Week on 8-26-00.
Books:Click on the book-cover thumbnail to view a review and summary of the book. Fan-art pictures of Tobias can be found in the Tobias Gallery.

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