Rachel "Xena, Warrior Princess."

Rachel is the real warrior of the Animorphs. She is always looking for a fight. Her favorite saying is "Lets do it!" She seems to be insanely brave.

Rachel is tall, blonde with blue eyes, and into fashion. She is Jake's cousin. Rachel is constantly in competition with Marco. Marco makes fun of her, and she comes right back. Rachel and Cassie are best friends, even though they are complete opposites. Cassie would rather take care of injured animals than shop for deals at the mall. Rachel likes Tobias, a lot. It's a very tough relationship, Tobias is a nothlit hawk, and Rachel is a human. It's a little more difficult than Romeo and Juliet.

Rachel's parents are divorced. She lives with her mom, Naiome, who is a laywer. Her father had to move to a different state because of a better job. He is a broadcast journalist. She has two sisters, Sara and Jordan.

Rachel's books are #2 The Visitor, #7 The Stranger, #12 The Reaction, #17 The Underground, #22 The Solution, and #27 The Exposed (not out yet).