The Hork Bajir

Their Story: The Hork Bajir were a peace-loving race until the Yeerks invaded their planet. At that time, there was only a family of Andalites who were on the planet. Prince Serrow had been sent there after being disgraced for giving the Yeerks Andalite technology. Unfortunately, they were all killed except for Aldrea, and Andalite troops were unable to save the planet. The Hork Bajir are now the shock troops of the Yeerks.
However, there is hope for the Hork Bajir. There is a colony of free Hork Bajir in the mountains. It was started by Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak, two Hork Bajir who were freed by Tobias with help from the Ellimist. The colony is now growing strong, and frees other Hork Bajir from a Yeerk secret base nearby.
Known Free Hork Bajir: Jara Hamee, Ket Halpak, their daughter and "seer" of the free colony, Toby. Along with others they rescued on their own from Yeerk bases.

*Hork Bajir art on the right is courtesy of Soulvisser from Andalite Hunters