Before Everworld: David Levin was a normal junior at his school in a small city north of Chicago near Lake Michigan. He was Senna Wale's boyfriend. He drove a Buick Convertable that had only AM radio with only 3 stations because he hated being cooped up in a regular car. David wasn't a popular kid because he had moved to his school from Annapolis, Maryland just recently. He didn't have a very good home life. His parents had moved from Annapolis just before their divorce. When he was a child, he had Attention Deficite Disorder. During his Junior High years, he was an avid skateboarder. The day before Everworld, he was at the local Taco Bell, where he got beat up by Christopher and his friends for showing off that he was with Senna, who was Christopher's x-girlfriend. The next morning, he ended up at the dock with Senna, April, Jalil, and Christopher, after a morning run, and was transported to Everworld.
In Everworld: Once transported to Everworld, they first met Loki, the Norse God of Distruction, where David had the closest encounter, and wet his pants. He had learned from his dad, who had two Purple Hearts, that it was OK to be afraid, it was how you acted when you were afraid. David felt that he had acted cowardly, and after that incident, David has been trying to prove himself to be braver. On the escape from Loki's castle, he was the one that stood behind to fight off the guards while the others escaped, and he was always the first into battles.
Books: The Books Narrated by David so far are I. Search for Senna.