Host: When you come home from work or school do you have terrible pains in your arms from writing, typing, and bumping into stuff?

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

Host: Well then, have I got somethin' for you!

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

Host: For a limited time only we here at Global Stuff have a super deeee duper arm massager!

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

Host: Based on the miracles of modern food processing technology, we bring you THE ARM MASSAGER!

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

Ann1: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly:: ::fuzzy picture pops up in night vision, suddenly 6 birds of prey fly out of a construction site:: Wasn't that pointless?

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

British guy: The Yeerks have got 'em mate!

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

Host: Uhhh, tech support, whereís the clicker? Oh, oh, Iím on? OK. Uhh, and for a limited time you can get the ARM massager for only 5 easy payments of $6.95 each in American currency, and in the immortal words of my good ol' friend Announcer2 who is now reciding in a mental hospital; 6 easy payments of 8.25 in Japanese currency, 9 easy payments of 22.88 in something, anything green, or blue, I like blue. ::continues naming currencies::

British Guy: ::sings a song:: OOOOO, announcer2 was a good ol' chap. He had a funny hat! OOOOO announcer2 was a good ol' chum. He was shaped like a plum and that's just peachy!

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly:: ::floor starts to shake::

Annoying really, really deep voice: Itís Car-Mageddon!

Host: Oh nooooooo! Itís the cheap local Ford dealer man!

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

British Guy: Girl Power! Omelets! Andalite Girl Power! ::sings another song:: ::floor shakes again::

Cheap Car Person: ::sings with British Guy::

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

Chorus: Yeerks are gonna roll, Da, da. 'Morphs are gonna fly, Da, da!

Host: ::gazes out window:: Hey, I wondered where my second cousin twice removed hid the escafil device! ::pulls cheap window off, set crashes to ground:: OOF!!! ::singing continues as Host falls out window::

Chorus: Zipede do da, Zipidy ay, my oh my what a wonderful way...

Cheerleaders: To kill the Yeerks!

German Guy: Nichen Yaugen Ova Hotzelous!

Translator: Repeat that please?

Cheap Car Guy: Cha-Cha-Cha-Check into.....Huh? ::watches 6 birds haul falling host to safety::

DJ: PARTY!!!! ::sings:: Y-M-C-A!!!! ::crash of thunder::

Host: WEEEEF! That was sooo nifty!

Cheerleaders: Nai, Nai, Nai, what a nifty guy!

Host: Samoan Flying Toasty Cheese Crackers! Sheesh, is Nai a word?

Chorus: Itís been......

Cheerleaders: ONE! Week since weíve attacked the worts!

Lifty: CHICKEN!!!!!!! YUMYUM!

DJ: MIND!! Itís MIND!!!!

Host: Samoan Flying Toasty

Lifty: CHEESE!!!!!

Host: Crackers. Can you sleep a week?

Lifty: Man, a little me!

British Guy: Helmacrons!!!!

Host: Iím going to try it. ::falls over and snores::

DJ: ::to British Guy in her all-too-famous fake British accent:: Do you know the Spice Girls?

Host: ::snores::

British Guy: Nope, but I love to sing their songs ::sings "Youíre Still The One" with DJ::

Lifty: Isnít that by Shania Twain?

Host: ::snores::

Audience: YEA!!! ::cheers wildly::

DJ: No, it's Lee Ann Rhimes!

Cheerleaders: When I bust rhymes, big like Lee Ann Rhimes!

Chorus: OOOOOOOOOOOO ooioiooo o oo!

Announcer2: Hey! I'm back!

Little Sis: ::attacks host:: ::does boogie-woogie ghost dance::

Cheap Car Guy: ::eats Little Sis::

Host: Robbieís Back! ::seems totally oblivious to the fact that Cheap Car Guy has just eaten Little Sis:: ::floor shakes::

Cheap Car Guy: YumYum!

Ann2: Ruthelford, Bob, Gertrude, Obbliticus, Sparticus, Garfunkel, Oddie, youíre all here! Is it a party for me? And why can I see the props room? Whatís that blue box, oo, oooo, you got the escafil device for me?!?!?!? I couldnít be happier if I was surrounded in 10.95 in English currency, 22.87 in French currency, ::goes on and on naming currencies::

DJ: ::drops brick on microphone:: Hello, hello, is this thing on?

Host: Something smells ::falls over::

Ann2: ::continues naming currencies::

AOL Guy: Goodbye, welcome, youíve got mail!

Zordon: RANGERS!!

Camera person: Hey, the tape counter says ::screen flicks off::

Director: Donít worry, the audioís still ::noise turns off:: ::floor shakes::

Cheap Car Guy: Hey, what happened?

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