Matrix pic here
Yeah, this is gonna be messy, since I suck and can't be bothered to do this properly. But this is so much easier than fifty million e-mails. Right now, these are the only pictures I have of my friends from college, and they're horrible, because by nature, pictures taken on the premise of them being silly Halloween pictures are horrible. Sometime later, when I feel like hijacking Shelly's computer a bit more evilly, I'll get some better pictures of people. Really. You'll also notice that most of these people are guys. Funny that. It's important to know that there aren't many first year girls on my floor, and at this point, you pretty much only know the people on your floor.

So... yeah. This is a lovely picture of Andy as the crazy cross-dressing gender-confused pirate. This halloween was all about wearing Shelly's clothes. And drawing on yourself, apparently. It was also suggested that I mention that that is his real, natural hair... not a wig. So there. That is his real honest-to-goodness hair.

Here is Sue. Sue is cool, and she doesn't always look so evil. But she is a kitchen Nazi. She didn't really have a costume, so she drew.. strange things next to her eyes.
This is your Id... this is your Id on drugs
Ahh, Nico. Weird silly little Nico. He was so happy to have an excuse to run around without pants on. As it is not obviously apparent, he is the Id. You know... Ego, Super Ego, and Id? Yeah, sure you do. Yay bizarre psychology-related costumes! What an awesome school this is sometimes.
The token picture of everyone hanging out near the DJ table at the Halloween party. This is a fair portion of the house. From left to right: Carlos, as himself; Tony, as... some wallstreet guy from some movie no one's heard of; Peter, as some anime character from Cowboy Bebop (alternately, the anime character known as "Peter Chen in a suit"); Me, looking like a possessed and evil hippie; Sue again; Lynn, as a mummie wearing half of our toilet paper; Josh, looking like he's having a good time; and John-from-Oregon (as opposed to John-from-Prep-School) looking rather devilish.
Alex, as Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Disturbingly realistic. Normally he doesn't look this evil/stoned, but like I said... bad pictures. And he wasn't really expecting me to just randomly take a picture of him. I steal his CDs all the time, because they're great.
C-H! C-H! C-H-I-C-A-G-O!
Yeah... here is Lucas, as a demented UofC cheerleader. If you saw the girl that uniform top belonged to, you'd never believe that Lucas could've crammed himself into it. He won 4th place at the Rocky Horror Picture show for his costume, though. He also wins the award for.. rather disturbing costume that isn't quite as disturbing as Andy's. That's Feliks' backside walking down the hallway.
Here is the obligatory picture of Peter, so everyone in the world can see exactly who spends more time in my room than my roommate does. Why? Why me world??
This is the only picture of Shelly that I have. She spent so much time dying her hair, I never even got to see her in costume. She went as a vampire. I'm sure it looked wonderful, but I had to leave for Rocky Horror (feeling not-dressed-for-the-occasion). That's Valenzia's hand and shoe in the picture too... she was in charge of the dying.

Soo, that is all I have for now. There is bound to be more later on. Yaay wonderful digital camera that doesn't exactly belong to you!


Weirdness... So, now, let me see who all is here... Kneeling in front (left to right) we have Joel "It's because I'm Asian", Ahida (one of our RHs), and Lisa. Behind that we have (l-t-r again) Schewta, Lynn, Sunil, Valenzia, me (I look like one of the Blues brothers), and Sue. And, all the peoplpe behind, in the best l-t-r I can do... Someone that is probably Vikram, Isaac, the guy from next door that is not Tom or Ted that comes in without his shirt on at night to tell us to turn the music down and looks too much like Neo, Alex's hair, Matt, Shelly, and Andy. There... yaaay all of us! What a weird time that was, too.. Plus Shelly, Sue, and I kept getting teased for looking like Charlie's Angels...