The Books

The blue Box

Here you will someday find summaries of the regular Animorphs, Megamorphs, Alternamorphs, and Chronicles books. There are also reviews of several of the books. (I'm looking for a few good reviewers.. if you'd like to volunteer, e-mail me!) What? You thought I'd have this done?! Yeah, right.. me being the slowest person on earth when it comes to getting things done (I've always wanted to be a procrastinator, but I never got around to it).. Right now, all that's up is The Invasion, The Encounter, The Capture, and all of Ax's recent books (Can you believe it? Don't.). And even they're not completely done. (-;

The Invasion The Visitor The Encounter The Capture The Alien
The Decision The Experiment The Arrival The Deception

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