Mindless Drivel, and Some Other Stuff

This is where I stick all my stuff that I feel like putting somewhere, but have no where else to put it. Like little odds and ends I find lying around.
Most Recent Drivel: (9-25-99) Todays topic is.... the greatness of the number 9, and whatever other subtopics I go off on. But, first of all, I have not a clue why on earth I have two rambles already, and I haven't even told anyone about this little page. Now, onto business. 9 is an awesome number. Why? In the multiplication tables, the magic nine. Nine is my birthday, it's the day I created this site, it's just, a wonderful number. In fact, if you really want me to explain, IM me. (-; Actually, I'm not gonna ramble about 9 right now, because I have like 3 other things that I want to say. (-: Morph out Zeke! OUCH! Weird dog.... Oh yes, I'd like to write my view on the supposed plot for #48, where a buffalo morphs Chapman. I seriously doubt that's true, because in order to acquire someone or something, you have to concentrate, and the same for morphing. Is a buffalo capable of doing this? And what happens after two hours, even if a buffalo could morph? Actually, that's kinda obvious, you'd have to kill the extra Chapman. Yada yada yoda. But I can't remember what else I was gonna rable about.
Past Drivels: (9-23-99) Today's drivel topic is... weird stuff I've found! WAHOOO!!! Lol. First of all, there's this weird little comic here, that bears a weird little resemblance to something from #14... (-;

Told ya. (-; Then there's a few other things I've found that bear ABSOLUTELY NO RELEVANCE WHATSOEVER! Like, the auto-body shop that I see on my way to school that is called "Krayak's". Remind me never to go there once I learn to drive and my car needs body work. Speaking of that! scary, huh? GET OFF THE ROAD!!! Mwahahahaha! ::dances around happyly. Ohhh yes, and also.... ::runs away to get supper, then comes back:: Hmmmm.... and next time's topic, THE GREATNESS OF THE NUMBER 9! And I forget what else I was gonna say for today... soooo! That's all folks!