Book 5

Objective: Answer at least 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required! Of course, if you've gotten this far... unless you happen to just have clicked right to book 5. ::shrugs:: Oh well, on with the quiz.

1. Why did Marco morph to Gorilla at the beginning of the book?

To go grocery shopping
To join the circus
To impress a girl
To save an old man

2. Why does Ax want to steal a Yeerk Ship?

To blow up the mother ship
To infiltrate the Yeerks
To get home
He collects them

3. Where did Ax go to get the parts for his Z-Space Transponder?

Circuit City
Radio Shak
Barnes and Noble
Best Buy

4. How did the Animorphs get caught after they sent the Yeerk distress signal?

The yeerks had changed their frequency
Cassie thought-spoke to Visser 3
They sent the wrong message
The beacon bounced off a sattelite

5. Where did Visser 3 take the Animorphs after he captured them?

The mother ship
The blade ship
The Yeerk Home world
The Andalite Home World

6. Who did Jake and Marco recognise Visser 1 as?

Rachel's Uncle
Marco's Mom

7. How many years had Marco's mom been dead when this book took place?

1 year
2 months
2 years
2 years, 3 months, and one day

8. How did the Animorphs escape from Visser3?

They morphed ants and escaped
They confused the guards
Visser1's troops let them out
They didn't

9. How did Ax almost get Jake and Marco caught in the mall?

He talked funny
He ate all the food in the food court
He demorphed in public
All of the above

10. What video game does Marco claim he kicks his Dad's butt at?

Sim City
Final Fantasy

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