Destination Imagination Script

Writer's Note: This is the rough draft of the scrip, since none of my teammates can seem to find the final script. I remember most of my extra lines, so they'll be in there, of course. Strange, this was written before evil Rachel in Animorphs number 32, yet she seems to have snuck in as my charcter anyway... (-; The characters are: Rachel- "Super Genius"/mad scientist (I do a pretty mean evil accent. Maybe I'll record it sometime. ;-). Samantha- Rachel's Assistant. Sylvia- Child prodigy. Morticia- "Death Chick". Amber- Peppy cheerleader. Igora- A female Igor. (-: We're such a strange group of people. Amazingly, there are very few inside jokes in this one, and it's pretty easy to understand. Aaaanyway. I'll just shut up and finish typing this now. (-:

Rachel: (Talking to Samantha) It all started about 9 years ago...

(Morticia, Igora, and Amber run across the stage doing the Wayne's World hand thing)

Rachel: (gives an annoyed look and clears her throat) As I was saying, about 9 years ago, long before I became a super genius... (foreboding music plays and thunder crashes) I started an experiment to test the effect of my favorite 4-letter f-word - that's F-E-A-R for those of you with sick minds - on a newborn child from a rural area with a minute population. Unfortunately, I didn't have the superior intellict I have now, and my genetic studies went haywire.

Samantha: (Gasps and jumps up and down) What happened next! Tell me Rachel!

Rachel: Calm down my child, and I will tell you more... (pauses) After no sign of my expectations we returned the child to its guardians because of hideous side-effects. (Dramatic pause) But now, we must find this child. The damages could end the world as we know it. The secret plans.. THE SECRET PLANS!!! If my suspicions are correct, one of these four children (piano chords) will end my search! (evil laugh)

Samantha: Well, doc-Rachel.. should I just call you doctor?

Rachel: Call me by my real name.. SUPER GENIOUS! (thunder)

Samantha: OK... Our first specimen is unusually peppy, the second is very dark and morbid, the 3rd has a very high intellect, and our fourth is, uhhh, quite physically mutated if I may say so.

Rachel: Excellent. By their responces I shall be able to figure out which child is the right one! I will leve now to stand behind the "stable" wall!

(Rachel exits, kids enter and sit down on carpet squares)

Samantha: Hello children! My name is Doctor Samantha, and we are performing a little test today. Morticia, what does this structure look like to you?

Morticia: A crypt filled with dead bodies and rotten maggots with bood oozing out the walls. Thousands of ghosts repeat over and over "Morbid chains engulf my darkful brain" (mouths the words and starts pounding on her head) The voices! The voices! (runs into the wall)

Samantha: (writing on a clipboard) Riiiight. Now Amber, what does this look like to you?

Amber: It's a rescue mission where tons of children are given food and a more stable life with rainbows and fuzzy bunnies! Hee! (starts to sing) War, huh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothin! Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya... Hey Morticia!

Morticia: What?

Amber: Shake your booty!

Morticia: Die!